The new Nokia Asha platform delivers a modern UI design to 3" QVGA screens in compact, pocketable smartphone capable for running Java apps. Building your Java apps to the Nokia Asha UI style and your users will be instantly familiar with the UI, ensuring seamless engagement with your app.

Nokia Asha UI

The Nokia Asha UI is designed so that the content is the UI. It does this by employing:

  • a simple UI model that emphasises flat, easily understood hierarchies within apps.
  • a single hierarchical back key that offers simplicity in navigation and always guides users back to the home screen.
  • swipe paradigm that frees the screen for content, for example the Options Menu doesn’t clutter the UI but is effortlessly revealed when the user swipes up from the bottom of the screen.

A great UX is about more than simply implementing a UI style; whether you are new to design or a seasoned pro, access a range of resources to help you create the best and most engaging experience in your apps and games. To get started, check out the Nokia Asha Design Guidelines for useful resources, such as design guidelines, UI stencils, and icon templates.