Nokia Asha Java Tools

Nokia Asha SDK 1.2

Create apps for the Nokia Asha family on Nokia Asha software platform using the Nokia Asha SDK 1.2. Then test your apps in an emulator based on the Nokia Asha 502.

The Nokia Asha SDK 1.2 offers:

Nokia Asha 502 based emulator

The SDK emulator replicates the behaviour of the Nokia Asha 502. It offers full UI interaction, user apps, messaging, and network comms features to use on your PC for app testing.

Other features include:

  • Share API — Easily share images or text through messaging, email, or social networks.
  • VoIP API — Create applications that offer users the ability to make and receive VoIP calls routed through a SIP server.
  • Tantalum library — Make use of the Tantalum library to enable online/offline access to networked content.
  • New image processing APIs — Scale images easily and apply a range for filters, such as sepia and monochrome. Use in conjunction with the new file API to let users easily navigate their photos.
  • LWUIT for richer UIs — A Nokia Asha platform optimised implementation of the LWUIT is included as a plug-in. Delivering rich UIs has never been easier. Get started ›
  • Integrated HERE Maps API — It’s now even easier to add rich maps to your location based apps, as the HERE Maps API for Java ME is integrated into the SDK.
  • Sensor emulation — Simulate fully the orientation of a Nokia Asha platform phone in the emulator, enabling the testing of apps and games using the Mobile Sensor API (JSR-256).
  • Comprehensive documentation — Available for offline browsing, the what’s new section describes the full range of new APIs and features in the Nokia Asha software platform. Code examples, that can be opened into your IDE, are also included.
  • Enhanced location features — The emulator delivers updated location details from the integrated Route Editor to your Java apps, enabling richer testing of your location based apps.
  • Multiple-touch simulation — The Pinch-to-zoom simulator enables multipoint-touch gestures to be recorded and sent to the emulator.
  • Enhanced media playback — The emulator offers accurate media playback enabling complete testing of media delivered through your apps.
  • Emulator tools — Simplify and speed up your testing with the diagnostic window, MIDP speed simulator, configurable MIDP monitoring, and events generator among other tools.
  • Web View API — view a web page within your Java app
  • Theme API — adjust your app colors according to the current color scheme used on a phone

Nokia IDE 3.1 for Java ME

While the Nokia Asha SDK 1.2 is designed to work with the NetBeans and Eclipse IDEs, for the easiest and most straightforward development experience, the SDK includes the Nokia IDE 3.1 for Java ME. Building on the power of the Eclipse platform for Java development, the Nokia IDE for Java ME delivers exclusive features for your Nokia Asha platform and Series 40 Java apps.

Welcome to your new IDE

A comprehensive welcome screen provides details on developing Java apps for the Nokia Asha platform and Series 40, available APIs, links to key Nokia Developer resources, and more.

Selecting your SDK made easy

The integrated Device SDK Selector makes it easy to locate and install the SDKs you need to target Nokia Asha and Series 40 phones. Pick SDKs by platform or phone model, download and install to get coding.

Other features include:

  • Nokia specific JAD editor - A customised JAD attributes editor makes it easy to add the information you need to effectively target your apps’ build to the Nokia Asha and Series 40 platforms.
  • LWUIT and location templates - Get started quickly with your apps that take advantage of LWUIT or location with new templates that includes everything you need. Smoother work experience with LWUIT resource editor.
  • Access to examples - Load any of over 40 example apps straight into your workspace. Covering many aspects of the Java APIs on the Nokia Asha platform, these examples can kick-start your development. More examples added to the new IDE release.
  • Nokia Hub - Quickly find more information on publishing apps, remote access to phones for testing, Nokia Developer news, and code examples though the Nokia Hub menu.

On-device debugging

The Nokia Asha On-Device Debugger enables you to debug your application on Nokia Asha platform phones over a WiFi connection. On-device debugging can be useful in tracking down issues that seem to occur on a device only. Such issues can be related to hardware features that differ between the emulator and a phone, such as network connectivity.

The Nokia Asha On-Device Debugger integrates easily with the Nokia IDE, Eclipse, NetBeans, and most major Java IDEs, enabling you to make full use of the debugging features of these IDEs.

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