Getting started with LWUIT

The Light Weight UI Toolkit (LWUIT) provides a powerful option building the UIs for your Java apps for Nokia Asha platform and Series 40 phones.

A highly optimised port of the popular Light Weight UI Toolkit (LWUIT) is available for the Nokia Asha platform, as well as earlier Series 40 platform releases. With LWUIT you can easily create rich, engaging UIs for your apps with less coding compared to creating a similar UI using LCDUI and custom components. Among the wide range of components offered by LWUIT several have been added specifically for Nokia Asha platform apps, such as new date picker, popup choice group, and multiple choice-picker components.

The LWUIT toolkit is available as a plug-in to the Nokia Asha SDK and can be used from the Nokia IDE for Java ME, Eclipse, and NetBeans as well as most popular Java IDEs.

Watch this video to see how to get started with LWUIT for the Nokia Asha platform