In-app advertising

The future of advertising is app-centric

In-app advertising is becoming one of the most proven business models to generate direct revenue from your app. By integrating an advertising solution into your app, you can generate revenue after download by showing ads to your app’s users.

Another benefit of using in-app advertising is that it can be combined with premium business models, for example by offering users the ability to remove the ads by paying a fee using in-app purchasing, or by buying the full version of your app.

Monetizing after the download

In-app advertising achieves the same goal as in-app payment — to generate revenue from an app throughout its lifetime. In free-to-download apps, users often regard in-app advertising as an appropriate price to pay for a free app. Use of in-app advertising in paid downloads, however, needs to be considered with care, as users have an expectation that these apps will be ad-free.

Find the best ad solution for your app

Below are some of the leading solutions for integrating in-app advertising for apps targeting Nokia Phones. We recommend developers explore these and other solutions on the market and find the most suitable one based on their needs. Most of in-app advertising solutions be used interchangeably based on developer preference, app type or geography.

inneractive logo

Inneractive provides an integrated cross platform advertising monetization solution that brings the benefits of latest technologies in the in-app advertising space. More information ›

vserv logo

Vserv’s AppWrapper solution is an easy way to add in-app advertising and more to Nokia Asha developers. More information ›