Web App Development

Important Notice: “Cloud preview” functionality within Nokia Asha web apps tools 3.0 is no longer available. We recommend previewing apps locally via the Web App Simulator (WAS) included as part of the web apps tools download.

The Nokia Asha software platform provides a powerful, data efficient web apps environment. Targeting this environment, you leverage your web development skills to create connected apps that deliver web content with an engaging, interactive UX that’ll appeal to consumers globally or can be targeted at specific local markets.

  • The Nokia Asha UI builds on the popular Series 40 UI. Delivered through a 3.0’’ QVGA capacitive touch screen, it supports two touch points for pinch-to-zoom and similar gestures. The UI swipe paradigm has been extended to include the Options Menu and fast access to the Home screen. A hardware back-button enables consumers to easily navigate an app’s hierarchy.
  • To make most of the Nokia Asha UI, web apps include an API to listen for the hardware back-button. In addition, enhanced HTML tag support also means you can add image and video capture to your web apps.
  • The Nokia Asha web app tools deliver a Nokia Asha software platform option to the simulator and fresh examples that show you how to use the latest APIs.

Start with the Nokia Asha web app tools 3.0

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See how to create, test, package, and deploy to a phone your first Nokia Asha web app.
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Create the best web app designs

Development of web apps for the Nokia Asha platform is supported by a comprehensive collection of additional resources.

To help you understand the New Nokia Asha UI and create web app designs that make the most of its features, the Design section of the Nokia Asha web apps library starts from the basics and takes you through to the specific of screen layout and interaction design.
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Test on a range of Nokia Asha and Series 40 phones

Efficient testing is key to delivery web apps quickly and ensuring they meet the demands of today’s smartphone users. In addition to the emulator delivered in the web app tools, which enable you to test your app on your computer, the following tools will also help you test efficiently and effectively.
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Publish your app

To make your app available to millions of consumers worldwide you publish it in Opera Mobile Store. The first step is to register as an Opera Publisher.