Nokia Asha — Web apps — Design

The new Nokia Asha platform delivers a modern UI design to 3” QVGA screens in compact, pocketable smartphone capable for running web apps. Building your Java apps to the Nokia Asha UI style and your users will be instantly familiar with the UI, ensuring seamless engagement with your app.

Nokia Asha web apps UI

Nokia Asha web apps UIs benefit from the features of the Nokia Asha UI, such as its swipe interaction to reveal the Options Menu, which enable web apps to focus the entire phone screen on content. When designing a web app UI, you have the freedom offered by web technologies coupled with the dynamic UI features offered by the Nokia Asha web apps runtime, such as the ability to dynamically update lists or set fixed and scrollable areas within your apps. Web apps can also make use of the hardware back-button to offer users safe and simple navigation of an app’s hierarchy.

A great UX is about more than simply implementing a UI style; whether you are new to design or a seasoned pro, access a range of resources to help you create the best and most engaging experience in your apps and games. To get started, check out the Nokia Asha web app design library for useful resources, such as design guidelines, UI stencils, and icon templates.