Asha Web App Downloads

Nokia Asha Web App Tools 3.0

Nokia Asha web app tools provides a set of tools that enable the creation of Nokia Asha web apps. The tools included are:

  • Web Developer Environment (WDE) - enabling web apps to be created, edited, packaged and deployed.
  • Web App Simulator (WAS) - enabling web apps to be previewed and debugged on a computer.
  • Web Developer Channel (WDC) - included in Web Developer Environment, to deliver information and tools to facilitate web app development.

For Windows
For Mac
For Linux

Nokia Asha Web App Developer’s Library

This library provides all the information you need to create rich and engaging web apps for the Nokia Asha software platform 1.0 and Series 40 phones. The library includes a getting started guide, technical and design documentation, and a detailed guide on how to use the web app tools. The library has been updated for version 3.0 of the Nokia Asha web app tools.

USB Launcher

The USB Launcher enables the Web Developer environment to launch web apps on a Nokia Asha platform phone.
Download USB Launcher