Test your application

During development, transferring a web app onto a phone each time you make code changes isn’t a practical way of previewing and testing your web app. To simplify testing of a web app, Web Developer Environment integrates with the Web App Simulator(WAS) to enable testing on your computer.

You have two options for running your web app in WAS:

  • Server (cloud)-based preview — provides a simulation very close to the phone experience
  • Local preview —useful when you are working offline or want to debug your web app

Choose either Local Preview for Web app or Cloud preview for Web app from the project’s shortcut menu.

Step-by-step – Test your application

Step 1 — Launch your web app preview

In this case use the local preview, which you start from the project’s shortcut menu by clicking Local Preview for Web app (Figure 1).

Figure 1. The web app preview options to launch WAS

The Launching preview dialogue displays (Figure 2) while the web app is validated and sent to WAS.

Figure 2. The Launching preview dialogue

Once the web app has been uploaded WAS starts (Figure 2) and the web app opens. You can now run the web app in the same way you would on a phone.

WAS provides features to adjust phone characteristics and view settings, as well as view log information that is useful for debugging web apps. For more information on WAS, see Web App Simulator Guide in the Nokia Asha Web App Developer’s Library.

Figure 3. The My Video App running in WAS

Now deploy your web app to see it running on your Nokia Asha platform smartphone ›