Run your app on a phone

Having tested your web app in the simulator the next stage is to run it on a Nokia Asha platform or Series 40 phone. You have three ways to do this:

  • deploying the web app to a Series 40 phone from Web Developer Environment (WDE) over a Bluetooth connection.
  • deploying the web app from WDE to a Nokia Asha phone over a USB connection or to a Series 40 phone if you are working on a Microsoft Windows PC with Nokia Suite installed.
  • running the web app by entering a short URL into the Nokia Xpress Browser on a phone.


We’ll use the short URL, as this method is also useful when you want to share your web app beta testers. You can find details on using the Bluetooth and USB methods in the Deploying a web app to a phone section of the Nokia Asha web app developer’s library.

Step-by-step — Run your app on a phone

Step 1 - Define the deployment target

The first step is to ensure that the deployment process will generate a short URL for your web apps. To do this, on the project’s shortcut menu click Deployment Settings. The Preferences dialogue displays offering options for Nokia Asha platform or Series 40 phones, with the Deployment item selected (Figure 1).

Figure 1. The Deployment settings of the project’s preferences

Ensure that Show short URL dialog when no device is selected is checked.

Click OK.

For more information on the options and features of the dialogue, see Selecting a deployment method in the Nokia Asha Web App Developer’s Library.

Step 4 — Deploy your web app

Now, you deploy the web app from the project’s shortcut menu by clicking Deploy Web app. The status area displays an indicator (Figure 2).

Figure 2. The status bar indicator of a web app deployment in progress

The Deploying web app dialogue displays (Figure 3). It’s suggested that you select Always run in background and then click Run in Background. This hides the dialogue when undertaking subsequent deployments.

Figure 3. The Deploying web app dialogue

The process deploying your web app is now detailed in the Console. When the process completes the Web App short URL for Nokia Browser dialogue (Figure 4) displays and provides the web app’s short URL.

Figure 4. The Web App short URL for Nokia Browser dialogue

On your Asha phone, open the Nokia Xpress Browser and enter the short URL (Figure 5).

Figure 5. Entering the web app’s short URL into the Xpress Browser on a Series 40 phone

Your web app will now be launched in the Xpress Browser (Figure 6).

Figure 6. Your Videos browser project template app running on a Nokia Asha 311 phone

Congratulations you have completed the creation and deployment of your first web app.