Nokia Asha Web App Tools 3.0

Important Notice: Nokia Xpress Web app builder (XWAB) has been ramped down. You can still build web apps using Nokia Asha web apps tools 3.0. Note that “cloud preview” functionality within web apps tools is no longer available. We recommend previewing apps apps locally via the Web App Simulator (WAS) included as part of the web apps tools download.

Nokia Asha web app tools 3.0 delivers a suite of applications that assist in the development, testing, packaging, and deployment of Nokia Asha web apps, including preparing them for distribution through Nokia Store. The key components of Nokia Asha web app tools are Web Developer Environment (WDE) and Web App Simulator (WAS).

Download Nokia Asha web app tools 3.0:

Web Developer Environment

Built on the Eclipse platform, Web Developer Environment delivers the code creation tools needed to efficiently create and package web apps.

Extensive templates for new projects

Nokia Asha web app tools 3.0 offers wider variety of templates for common web apps styles to kick-start your development work. The latest templates also include code to take advantage of Nokia Notifications.

UI Designer

With the UI Designer you can build web app interfaces by dragging and dropping UI component snippets and laying them out visually, enabling you to create web apps UIs faster.

Other features include:

  • Code completion and full validation
  • Comprehensive range of examples, including new geolocation, notification, and localization examples.
  • Targeted HTML/CSS validation, including specific Nokia Asha web app rules
  • Partial web app upload for faster cloud preview
  • Automatic packaging and formatting for Nokia Store
  • A copy of the app’s JAR file so you can distribut through other app stores and sites
  • Deploy for phone testing directly from the web developer environment


Web App Simulator

Run your apps in the the Web App Simulator to simplify functional testing and design validation.

Phone simulation

Preview your Nokia Asha web apps to see how they’ll look and behave on Nokia Asha platform and Series 40 phones, and interact with the web.

Built-in location simulation

Web App Simulator enables you to define location information to be supplied to your simulated Nokia Asha web app, making testing of location-aware apps a breeze.

Other features include:

  • Ability to test your web apps against all the UI variations available on the phones that support Nokia Asha web apps.
  • Local previews automatically reload as you edit your code
  • A custom version of web inspector for simplified debugging and performance analysis