Nokia X services SDK installer user guide

The Nokia X services SDK installer is an alternative to individually installing the Nokia X packages through Android SDK Manager. The Nokia X services SDK consists of a set of libraries and tools that you can use to develop or port new or existing apps respectively onto the Nokia X software platform. The SDK includes Nokia X services APIs, Nokia X emulator and Nokia X IDE extensions.


  1. Before starting installation make sure you have downloaded the latest Android Developer Tools (ADT) Bundle including the Android SDK from

    Note that Eclipse IDE, which is included in the ADT Bundle, requires JDK to work (JRE alone is not sufficient). Make sure that the bit version of the bundle matches the JDK, i.e. both need to be either 32-bit or 64-bit. Having different versions will result in an error. The general recommendation is to install the latest JDK version, but depending on the host platform some compatibility problems may arise. The supported JDK versions of each Eclipse IDE are listed in the Eclipse project release notes, which can be found at

  2. Once downloaded, launch eclipse and select Window->Android SDK Manager.

    *Figure 1. Launch Android SDK Manager*

    Install the following packages:

    • Android API version 4.1.2 API 16 and API version 4.3 API 18
      • SDK Platform
      • ARM EABI v7a System Image (emulator prerequisite for ARM system images)
      • Intel x86 Atom System Image (emulator prerequisite for x86 system images)
    • Tools
      • Android SDK Tools*
      • Android SDK Platform-tools*
    • Extras
      • Intel x86 Emulator Accelerator (emulator prerequisite for x86 system images)

    *Latest version of these tools are recommended.

    *Figure 2. Required AOSP packages installed with Android SDK Manager.*

Installing Nokia X services SDK

  1. Click the link provided to download SDK installer for Windows, Linux or Mac.

    For Windows:

    Unzip the folder and launch Nokia X services SDK.exe.

    For Linux (Ubuntu 11.10) 32-bit and 64-bit:

    • Unzip the folder and in the command terminal type sudo ./ to launch the installer.

    • Once the installation is complete the following folders appear locked and cannot be accessed:

      • <android-sdk-install>\sdk\extras\nokia
      • <android-sdk-install>\sdk\add-ons\addon-nokia_x_services_device-nokia-16
      • <android-sdk-install>\sdk\add-ons\addon-nokia_x_services_device-nokia-18
      • <android-sdk-install>\eclipse\dropins\eclipse

      To unlock type the command sudo chown –R username:username <adt-root-path>.

    NOTE: Run the installer with admin priveleges.

    For Mac (OS X Lion 10.7.5) 64-bit:

    • Unzip the folder and extract the Nokia X services SDK.dmg.

    • Launch the Nokia X services

    NOTE: Depending on your security settings, when you attempt to launch the installer, you might get an error message displaying "Nokia X services SDK cannot be opened because it is from unindentified developer". If this happens, go to System Preferences->Security & Privacy and under Allow applications downloaded from, select Anywhere. Then launch the installer again.

  2. Click Next in the Nokia X services SDK Setup wizard to start the installation process.

    *Figure 3. Setup wizard*

  3. Select the path where the ADT root directory folder exists and click Next. This location must be the root folder of the ADT bundle that you downloaded earlier.

    *Figure 4. Installation folder*

    Optionally, you can select the ADT eclipse root folder to install the Eclipse plugins.

  4. The Nokia X services SDK components are selected by default. A brief description of the components can be viewed upon selecting the components. Click Next.

    *Figure 5. Select Components*

    Important: The Nokia X IDE extensions components get installed in the folder <android-sdk-install>\eclipse\dropins\eclipse, if you have selected eclipse folder in the plugin path in the above mentioned step.

    Nokia X IDE extensions is a set of plugins to enable ready to use code samples and Nokia X analyser, a code scanner tool that helps port your apps to Nokia X software platform.

  5. Accept the license agreement and click Next.

    *Figure 6. License Agreement*

  6. Click Install to proceed with the installation.

    *Figure 7. Ready to install*

    *Figure 8. Installing Nokia X services SDK*

  7. Once the installation is complete click Finish to close the setup wizard.

    *Figure 9. Installation complete*

    The following packages are installed:

    • Nokia X software platform 2.0 (API 18)
    • Nokia X software platform 1.1 (API 16)
    • Nokia X services
      • Nokia X Device Definitions
      • Nokia X services SDK APIs and libs
      • Nokia X USB Driver (not applicable for Linux and Mac)
    • Nokia X IDE extensions

    In addition, once the installation is complete the following gets installed:

    • The folder <android-sdk-install>\sdk\add-ons contains subfolders addon-nokia_x_services_device-nokia-16 and addon-nokia_x_services_device-nokia-18.

    • The folder <android-sdk-install>\sdk\extras contains subfolder nokia.