The Nokia X opportunity

The Nokia X family provides users access to the world of Android applications, with exclusive experiences and the most popular Microsoft services. The Fastlane UI makes the experience faster and smoother, while the Nokia X smartphones are wrapped in standout Nokia design.

There are a lot of good reasons to publish your existing Android apps for Nokia X. Here are our top 5:

Top 5 reasons to publish for Nokia X

  1. New markets
  2. Additional revenue
  3. App compatibility
  4. Existing tools
  5. App promotion
Android application developers should welcome the Nokia X family, both as an additional channel to market and as a new revenue opportunity. Tony Cripps, Principal Analyst, Telecoms’ Devices & Platforms group, Ovum

1. Nokia X opens new markets to your existing apps.

Our sales leadership and brand strength in the fastest-growing smartphone and mobile app markets provide the launch pad for your apps’ success. With the Nokia X family of devices, you can reach an untapped pool of savvy — and app-hungry — new smartphone users around the world.

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2. Nokia X’s monetization tools create additional revenue streams for your apps

Consumers in many high-growth markets do not have international credit cards, making traditional revenue collection a challenge.

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3. Android app compatibility

We have tested over 100,000 Android apps and approximately 75% are directly compatible and ready to be published to Opera Mobile Store. If your app uses Google services for maps, push notifications or in-app payments, you will need to replace these APIs with third party APIs.

4. Develop apps for Nokia X using your existing Android SDK, toolkit and skillset

If you already develop Android apps, you can continue to use your existing tool chain. You’ve already got the other tools and skills you need.

5. Programs provide the marketing promotion you need

We offer practical guides to make sure you’re putting your best app forward.

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We worked with a large number of developers in many countries before the launch of Nokia X to ensure that we had the right apps covered at launch. To facilitate porting, we’ve also been holding port-a-thons, where developers and our experts gather together to do the actual porting.

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