The must-have guide for promoting your applications, a shortcut to marketing success.


You’ve devoted hours and hours of work to creating a great app: you developed the concept, designed the UI and prototypes and finally coded your vision. You are aware, though, that there are hundreds of thousands of applications in the market competing to have their big breakthrough, many of which may even be very similar to yours in many aspects.

What can you do to stand out and beat the rest? Remember this phrase and make it your mantra: “Little things can make a big difference”.

This practical guide will help you easily define, create and maintain a marketing plan to rise above the crowd and set the stage for successful future releases. With it, you will learn how to define your target audience, where and how to talk to them, how to prepare your own assets for launch, how to get ideas to perfect your application, how to exploit both free and paid methods of promotion, how to monitor and analyse results, and how to build a dedicated and loyal community of users around your application.

Before, during and after the launch

Reading the entire guide will give you a full picture of what you should be taking into account at each stage of your app’s marketing plan. Many concepts are important throughout the entire process. However, to help you easily “navigate” through the document, each section is also colour-coded to highlight its relevance in each phase of your launch: before, during and after.

Before the launch — B

During the launch — D

After the launch — A

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